FSOG and Football

Since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, there has been another backlash of Fifty Shades hating going on. And I’ve noticed a handful of my fellow Fifty fans are being lashed out at. It really makes me disheartened.

Let me state before I go any further, that I’m all for people being able to voice their opinions, no matter what they are about. But I don’t look to fondly at those who will attack another because of their love for something they personally do not like. That’s just rude. Healthy debate is fine. But attacks are not.

With that said, I’m going to voice my opinion about some of the issues that some/most haters have mentioned. And I’m going to use football as a counter-example for some things. Please note that this is NOT an attack on people who like football. I’m just using it because football is considered “socially acceptable”. You’ll understand as you read on.

So, here we go…

Physical Abuse:
FSOG: All acts done to Ana are done with her consent. And sometimes with her literally asking for it. She never once was flogged, spanked, etc, to an extent that would put her in the hospital or leaving her with internal injuries of some kind.
FOOTBALL: All acts done are done with each player’s consent. It’s a physical game – don’t get into it if you don’t want to get knocked over. Men run after each other, knocking each other over and tackling each other. There are times where sprains, fractures, and even hopitalizations occur.

Over-the-top Fans:
FSOG: Yep, we can get giddy and excited when the newest book was released, or when the movie came out. And we will continue to do so as the next movies come out. We will try to get autographs from the actors and/or E.L. James. We will buy the books, wear FSOG themed clothing items and/or accessories, buy posters, buy magazines, buy FSOG related items such as red room keychains, etc.
FOOTBALL: Fans get excited and loud when they get to see the games in the stadiums or even on TV. They’ll continue to do so in the future as well, no doubt. They collect autographs of their favorite players and/or coaches. They wear their favorite team’s jersey, buy posters, magazines, watch ESPN, buy team related items like keychains, etc.

BOTH FSOG and FOOTBALL: Contracts are signed by all willing participants. Negotiations made. One is just done regarding sex, and the other is for the sport. All participants are willing to take any risks and/or challenges brought into their path once the contract is signed.
Okay, Ana never actually signed the contract. But they did look it over and negotiate.

These next few I can’t use the football counter-example with…

Not true to the BDSM lifestyle:
A friend and I recently had this conversation because she was on the receiving end of some FSOG hater’s rant.

The BDSM in FSOG is pretty much, in my opinion, an allegory to move the story along. Plus, who is to say what is 100% true to the lifestyle? As I understand it, sure, there are some basic rules that apply to all in the lifestyle. But everyone has their own individual kink. What works for some, may not work for others. It’s all boiled down to preference.

It’s not real:
Okay, for real. The fans KNOW it’s not real. It’s a work of fiction, plain and simple. We are aware of that. To sum up what the ladies on Episode #54 of the Laters, Baby podcast said – it’s pretty insulting that the haters would think we can’t differentiate between real life and fantasy when it comes to FSOG.

It’s porn:
How is this exactly porn? Is it because there’s sex in it? I can only assume that those haters who say that FSOG is porn, are possibly virgins. Or prudes. It’s okay if you’re either one of those. Perhaps you have your reasons to be that way. But I can honestly confirm that FSOG is not porn. I’ve watched porn – both soft and hardcore. I OWN porn – both soft and hardcore.
FSOG, dear haters, is not porn.

So, with all that said, I think I’ll add my final two cents…

It’s okay if you hate the books and/or movie, just lay off those of us who love the FSOG world.


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My take on the book series “DUET Stories” by Brownell Landrum

I’m not great at writing reviews for books, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the book series “DUET Stories” by Brownell Landrum. There are no spoilers, so if you haven’t read them already, don’t worry!




It started with an email I received after doing an community interview for Laters Baby (a Fifty Shades of Grey fan blog and podcast). The email was from an author named Brownell Landrum. She gave me a quick hello and noted how much she liked the interview from the Laters Baby blog. Then she went on to give me a brief description of a three volume set (of a soon-to-be series) that she had written titled “Duet Stories”. It also featured a tagline of “The Prequel/Sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey”. There was even a book trailer!

The “prequel/sequel” bit sparked my attention enough to watch the trailer. Along with the fact that Brownell seemed so excited about the books. But after I watched the trailer, I KNEW I wanted to read these books! Sexy books that included past lives! Sign me up! PLUS, the third volume introduced the lead characters, Paige and Griffin, to Ana and Christian of FSOG! That brought my attention to another peak!

“Yes! Send me the books! I want to read them!”, was my immediate response to her. I received them shortly after in PDF form so I could read them on my tablet.

Brownell also let me know that the books could be read in any order, but I decided to start with Volume I “The Song Begins”, because that’s just the type of girl I am.

It didn’t take me long to get hooked. I found the characters to be believable and relatable. The story moves along easily as well, which also made me happy.

Another cool thing about these books, is that they are written from BOTH the viewpoints of Paige and Griffin. (Another link to the “Duet” title).

A friend of mine, who is currently reading these books and enjoying them, mentioned that she thought some things were repetitive. I see that… BUT… again I state that these are written from BOTH viewpoints, so there will be some repetition. But if you’re looking closer, you’ll see that you get different information about the scenes with each viewpoint. Different parts of the conversation, different descriptions of mannerisms, or scenery, etc, that you didn’t get from the other viewpoint. Basically making the whole scene equate into a whole.

Another thing I really liked about the characters, were that they weren’t really given a physical appearance. Therefore, you can picture ANYONE as Paige and Griffin. This aspect of non-descript physical appearance lasted throughout the entire three volumes – with the exceptions of Ana and Christian of FSOG. I found that to be an amazing feat. I even mentioned it to Brownell as I kept her updated on my reading progress of the books. I have NEVER read a book or series that have managed to pull off maintaining characters only on personality traits. I think that’s a sign of a great author!

Now, on to the past life portions of the books…

These were done amazingly as well. Again, no focus on physical descriptions, but you knew who was who, all by their personality.

My favorite past life story in these books happened in Volume 3, “A Chorus of Voices”. It’s set in the Ottoman Empire and has both Paige and Griffin, along with Ana and Christian. There’s a Sultan, slaves, a harem, sex, love, violence, hidden moments, a nasty antagonist… and even a guru named Goo. I’ll tell you this much about that Goo – he’s a kick in the pants!

Along with the “Duets” meaning of two people telling the story, it also means music! I’m a huge fan of music, and there are a lot of musical references in these books. I may not have gotten ALL the references, but I knew the majority of them. And I’m thinking most readers will too.

Another thing I should mention… to those of you reading this who are also Fifty Shades of Grey fans, you MAY be a little hesitant when dealing with something that brings in your beloved Ana and Christian. Well, I can tell you straight out, Brownell stayed true to who Ana and Christian are. So have no worries. I think even E.L. James would approve!

An extra bonus to the stories is the Epilogue, which should ONLY be read after reading Volume 3. I don’t want to give anything away, so I won’t go into it. But I WILL say that if you are a fan of metaphysics, this will be right up your alley. You’ll see why!


You know how you can get so excited about a book, or even a series of books, that you could talk about them all the time because you just loved them so much? Well, these books are the type I could talk about most of the day. Seriously, it would have to be just “most” of the day, because I tend to sleep a hell of a lot – that’s where the rest of my time would be spent. But I am really excited about this series, and I recommend them highly.


If you haven’t read them already, PLEASE DO!! They are SO WORTH THE READ! You’ll have a hard time putting them down! And when you do, LET ME KNOW! That way we can talk about them! We can share our favorite parts (of the book), talk about who we envisioned as Paige and Griffin, all sorts of stuff!


Here is the book trailer I mentioned before that got me excited!
And don’t forget to continue on past it for DUET Stories links!



For the Duet Stories website, go to duetstories.com.

For the Duet Stories Facebook page, click HERE.

Follow the series on Twitter, click HERE.

To read the FSOG community interview that started it all, click HERE.


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The 50 Shades of Grey Podcast that cleared my head

Wow, it’s been over a year since I made a post here! That’s gotta change. Lord knows I usually always have something to say! LOL.

So here is a little something I decided I wanted to share with everyone…


The 50 Shades of Grey Podcast that cleared my head 

I’m a huge fan of FSOG, I won’t deny it.

I had heard about it a while ago, but I didn’t decide to delve into the FSOG world until I saw an episode of Dr. Oz. The whole show was dedicated to it. So that’s when I decided to check it out.

I have a good amount of books in my own personal library, but I found that over the past few years I have gone toward audiobooks. Listening to them is a great way to change up the monotony of listening to music as I work. So I downloaded the FSOG books. I didn’t even wait until I finished the first one to decide if I would get the others, I just did.

I found myself listening to them before work as I got ready, during work, AND before bed as I was playing computer games to lull me to sleep. I couldn’t get enough! I listened to them again and again for about 4 rounds of each book. Some of my friends would ask me why I listened to them so many times. All I could say was, “I like them.”

It wasn’t until recently that I REALLY thought about why I liked the books so much. Why these were the books I went back to between other series or books I downloaded. I was pretty baffled to be honest. I noticed that I always wanted to slap Ana. I just got annoyed with her for some reason. How she wouldn’t stop about Christian’s looks. We get it! He’s hot! Give it a rest! I rolled my eyes a lot over those parts. I got frustrated with how she was always worried about if Christian would approve of things she said or did. Ugh! And all that obsessing she did over Christian’s past with “Mrs. Robinson”. Personally, I thought that situation sucked – “Mrs. Robinson” should have known better. I did get annoyed at Christian at times because of his stalkerish tendencies. – Okay… why the hell do I keep listening OVER AND OVER if I was just finding all these things that made me want to pull my hair out?! WHY? WHY? WHY?!!

I couldn’t come up with anything.

Then I found out that they were making it into a movie! Yay! So I made sure I set my Google Alerts to tell me all the info about the making of it. And I even started to talk about it on the podcast I do with my friend, Gimpy.

One day I got an alert about a FSOG podcast. I KNEW I MUST LISTEN! It is relatively new, so I was only 6 episodes behind. The thing that really drew me to the alert was that they were going to have male fans of FSOG on the podcast to discuss their points of view about the books. Very cool! But I have to start from the beginning. I’m just one of those kinds of people.

So, I started listening to the “50 Shades Fan Podcast”. I was very impressed! It wasn’t just a bunch of girls doing the fangirling thing – squeeling and what-have-you. It’s hosted by a lovely lady, who I have emailed several times and tweeted with since hearing of the podcast, named Crissy. She brings in several of her fellow 50 Shades fans to discuss the books and the movies. Women, and even men, of all ages, races, religions and the like bring their views to the table. Very awesome.

As I listen to the downloaded podcasts, still trying to catch up, I hear them talk in-depth about each character and most situations, and I find myself seeing it all differently. It’s like seeing someone you’ve known for a while in a whole new light. They’ve brought to my attention some things that I never really noticed before, because I was ready to pull my hair out. I find Ana less annoying now, and see that I have a lot in common with her. I see her relationship with Kate differently as well. Let’s just say that I see a lot differently, and will probably see more as the podcasts go on.

I just wanted to thank Crissy and her cohorts for this great podcast. For opening my eyes up and clearing my head! All in an entertaining way! LOL.

If you haven’t found this little gem of a podcast, I suggest you go give it a listen. The ladies are really fun to listen to and you can tell they have a genuine passion for the series.

50 Shades Fan Podcast website: www.blogtalkradio.com/fsogfanpodcast


And if you’d like to check out the podcast I am a part of, you can go to www.gimpyandteapot.com.

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Xanadu needs a new home!!

So, Chris and Jonny of Chris and Jonny’s LOL Factory were up against Matt and Dan of Verbal Ejaculation for an 80’s Challenge this Sunday night. Sadly, my LOL boys lost. But only by a few points. So what does this have to do with Xanadu?! Let me tell you!

Dan has a vinyl record of Xanadu…

Not Dan's record. Just an example for better effect. :)

Not Dan’s record. Just an example for better effect. 🙂

…and he’s been threatening to burn it. This makes Chris a sad sad man. Look at his face when Chris R (the host of the 80’s Challenge and another Verbal Ejaculation host) told him they already burned it!…


Chris of LOL: “AWWWW NO WAY!!!!
Chris of VE: “We totally burned that Xanadu record!!!!!”

…That’s his shocked face actually. With a little bit of hope that Chris R is just lying to him. Xanadu is his favorite movie of ALL time.

Well, come to find out, the record really wasn’t burned. And this week in the newest episode of Chris and Jonny’s LOL Factory, they put out a call for help. So, as their SUPER-MAGA-FAN, I’ve taken it upon myself to make this poll to help them out.



And don’t forget to head over to www.ipmnation.com to catch Chris and Jonny’s LOL Factory, Verbal Ejaculation, and other great shows! 🙂

Even head over to their Facebook pages you can find under the  “My Favorite Facebook Pages” category on the right hand side of this page!

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It’s all about the LOL’s. I made this up for the LOL guys!
Now I’m going to be a marketer for them! 🙂


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My Favorite FB Sites

Below is a list of some of my favorite and/or noteworthy Facebook pages.

• My Personal Facebook Page – More randomness of mine.

Nahleen.com Facebook Page – My friend Nahleen’s FB page. Nahleen Blake is a giggler with multiple sclerosis and lupus who wants to share her journey with you!

Chris and Jonny LOL Factory Facebook Page – The A Hilarious though sometimes raunchy/adult oriented, interactive radio program, aired on ipmNation.com. A couple of my friends are the hosts of this show.

ipmNation.com Facebook Page – This is the FB page where I get my fix of shows like Verbal Ejaculation, Chris and Jonny LOL Factory, Matt Connarton Unleashed, and Oullette at Large!

iHeartRadio Facebook Page– iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital radio service that lets you find more than 1,500 Live Stations or create commercial-free, all-music Custom Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.

Midnight Jump Facebook Page – My cousin Jim is the bass player for this band.

Old School Parenting Facebook Page – Old School Parenting or Traditional Parenting has always been about raising a child to become a functional adult who can contribute positively to their family and ultimately, society. It is a philosophy that feels that all a child really needs is healthy food, clean water, reliable shelter, quality education, access to medical attention and of course love from their family.

• Tard the Grumpy Cat Facebook Page – Funny pics of Tard the grumpy cat! Enjoy! Not endorsed by said kitty’s owners.

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My Thoughts on Glee this season

If you don’t watch Glee, or just don’t care, you can just skip over this post. 🙂


I’ve still got a few episodes of Glee on my DVR, so I thought I would put them on again as I worked on my blog. Which in turn made me decide to write this post about my thoughts about this season.

We are now in season 4. I knew I may have to give it a few episodes to get used to the new characters. It’s hard to let go of the others, but just like high school, you gotta let them go for the most part.

So, here is what I’ve thought so far…

• Brittany used to have some great dance moves. Now they seem to have her dancing like a 3 year old having an epileptic seizure.

• Sam has always been “dumb”. But this season they’ve made him incredibly moronic. Why?!

• Near the beginning I thought it was only going to be the Brittany show. I like Brittany… but really? That was WAY too much of her. What happened to giving us some better intros to the new people? Luckily they have been getting better with that and we have good backgrounds on the newbies.

• I’m not liking Rachel in NY. The songs she has done have made me turn away with an uncomfortable silence. The only thing that would make her story-line better would be if she became a slutty crackwhore. Well, she’s already becoming slutty, even if it’s only with that one dude. Is his name Riley? Crap, I’m watching it right now. Maybe they’ll mention his name again. Anywho… now she just needs a drug problem. A heavy one at that. I wanna see that bitch writhing on the floor sucking cock to get another bump of some drug. But from the previews of the next episode (4×15), we may see her life switch in a different way. If it’s what it looks like on the previews… then I’m all for it. She wont need the drugs if that happens.

• The only good thing I enjoy about the NY scenes now is Kurt. Oh, and now that Santana lives with them, I think things should get more interesting.

• I’m super happy that Finn is now co-choir teacher. I love Mr. Shue, but I’m glad Finn has this opportunity to be the leader he is.

• I love when the old cast members come back for appearances.

• I’m a bit disappointed in the music choices this season. I think I’ve liked 1/3 of the music choices.

• Speaking of the songs… my friend Christopher is obsessed with the Kiki song from the Thanksgiving episode. I have watched that song more than I’d like to admit, but mostly because I don’t get it. But the tune is damn catchy.

• I love how creepily stalkerish Tina is this season! It makes me laugh so much. But that’s probably just because I’m creepy. I’d never get as bad as her… but oh my gosh it’s just funny.

• I really want Unique to find some love this season.

• I was happy to see Ali from the Glee Project 2 appear during the wedding episode. She does “bitch” really well. I hope she has a couple more appearances.

• Oh! The guy’s name is Brody. Not Riley.

So… those were my thoughts so far. Yes, yes they were.

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