Movie Thoughts – “The Amittyville Haunting”

2011 – Starring Luke Barnett, Casey Campbell and Devin Clark

The Amityville Haunting

(Please note: This is NOT the Amittyville Horror movies. But it does deal with the same thing. Also, this was my very first one, and was originally an email to a friend – so that’s why you will see “you” referred to many times – it was written for her.)

You can find this movie on Netflix.



Here we go!….

• Ten minutes in and I’m hoping it’s almost over.

• I know what you mean about the house layout and such. I don’t remember the EXACT layout and such of the actual house… but I KNOW this wasn’t it.

• I don’t like all the shakiness of the “documentary” style of it. It doesn’t make me sick or anything. It’s just annoying.

• The woman playing the mother CAN’T act.

• If I am envisioning sticking a gun to my head 20 minutes into this and pulling the trigger because of how stupid this is… I can’t imagine how you felt.

• Well, I have to say one good thing about this movie so far. They truly got the feel of the stupid things a kid would video.

• I don’t know who I want to slap first… the wife or the husband.

• If anyone gets freaked out by this movie… they should be slapped.

• Is this over yet? Nope, 54 minutes left.

• LMFAO! I have more fun watching the “security” footage!

• OMG! I can’t stop laughing at the father’s face when he’s talking to the little girl outside about her imaginary friend.

• How can the security camera pick up what the people are saying outside when the cop is talking to them after he finds blood around the house and mentions that they are going to bring the detective in?

• Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That ghost of the killer is so horrible!! It’s so funny!!!

• Does that detective have a slight erection?

• LMFAO! The father thinks that he can stomp on a ghost?!

• Daddy’s gone mental! He he he he he!

• Oh… is it bad that I laughed when the little girl stabbed the father and because of the father’s horrible death acting?

• O.M.G. That was such a horrible movie! LOL. It was so bad that I am laughing!

• And that ending?! Did you catch how whoever wrote the coroner’s report fucked up on spelling “Extreme”? They wrote “Extream”.

• I gave it a one start rating… just because I think the kid that played Tyler could someday make it as an actor. LOL

Oh dear goodness… thanks for the laughs Genna.


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