Movie Thoughts – “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2”

2000 – Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Stephen Barker Turner and Eric Leerhsen


You can find this movie on Netflix.


Here we go!…

• Sitting down with Blair Witch 2. Don’t really remember the first one, and it’s not on Netflix, so we’re shit out of luck.

• MTV news? In 1999? Really?!

• Naysayers say, “Nay”. This man is making my night.

• What’s going on? Is that a lobotomy they are giving that guy?

• LOL. Twilight has tainted me with forest beginnings.

• At least this movie has good music!

• Hey, is that the guy from “Burn Notice”?

• That store makes me miss the small towns I’ve lived in.

• Sacrifice the baby to the Blair Witch… save yourself before the shit hits the fan people!

• Are those banjos I hear? And they are in the woods? RUN!!! The inbreds will tell you that you have a purty mouth!

• If someone believing in something enough makes it real… then I’d be thin and shacking up with Kellan Lutz.

• Time to check the laundry.

• Okay, back to the movie.

• Do nurses actually wear those caps still?

• Dammit! I hate when they whisper! I can’t hear it! I’m going to have to get my damned headphones again.

• I hope they explain this little freaky girl.

• Well now, this woman is a whore.

• LOL – Now that was weird!

• How old is that kid? Should he even know about sucking things?

• Wow, it’s the same people in the store.

• Well, all these kids better be explained by the end of the movie.

• Who’s Rustin whoever?

• If I play my home movies backwards, am I going to see some freaky shit?

• I like this chick who plays Tristen. I like how she can go from emotion to emotion.

• This movie wasn’t half bad.

• I was right! The dude that plays Jeff is the dude from “Burn Notice”!


About Tammie

I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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