Movie Thoughts – “Chasing Amy”

1997 –  Starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee

Chasing Amy

You can find this movie on Netflix.


Here we go!…

• Figured I’d go with a comedy instead of horror, since I’m eating.

• I watched this movie once… a long time ago.

• Is Banky this character’s actual name? Or is it a nickname that he can’t shake? Does it say Banky on his birth certificate? It’s been so long since I’ve seen this… that I have no idea if they mention it or not.

• I stopped the beginning to read the newspaper article.

• I figured one of the only ways to get Ben Affleck out of my system is to watch him. And when I say “get him out of my system”, I mean it in this way… I had a dream about him the other night. And no, it was not dirty. Even if it was obvious he wanted me. (Which I find odd… because he’s married and I’m fat. He is still married, right? I don’t keep tabs on him, so I’m not 100% sure). So yeah, there was that dream, then yesterday that “Argo” ad that kept popping up on the side of my Facebook page, even after I kept clicking the “don’t show me this ad again” button.

• Okay, back to the movie.

• Did anyone else try to read the comic book as it passed by the screen?

• Oh screw this… I’m not reading all this stuff!

• This beginning title music is horrible. But then again… it’s not my movie.

• Scott Mosier has a very hairy chest. LOL

• I always enjoy that word… “cockknocker”

• I think i just realized why I only watched this once… Joey Lauren Adams’ voice. It’s kinda got this tone that makes me wanna scratch at my ears. But I shall continue on with the movie. There’s an hour and 42 minutes left!

• Well that explains so much! Archie and Jughead were lovers!

• Degrassi Jr High reference… gotta love it!

• Did anyone notice a flyer in Banky and Holden’s office on the tackboard is for “Missing Dog Head”? WTF?!

• Watching Ben Affleck dance is creepy.

• When is this going to end? An hour and 31 minutes left.

• PDA’s are bad. So uncomfortable.

• 1 hour, 16 minutes to go.

• I miss horror movies.

• I think the only reason I keep watching this, besides the fact that I have to continue on to make my complete thoughts, is because I want to know if Banky’s name is Banky.

• Jason Lee is really cute in this movie.

• I’m hungry.

• LOL – In the car scene where Holden is expressing his love for Alyssa… I can’t stop looking at his teeth!

• She was a real bitch to him about him telling her he loves her. Seriously, that was an uncalled for outburst.

• LMFAO! I think I just heard him inhale her face!

• Ugh! Time for my headphones again. Can’t hear it over the TV in the other room.

• So, Holden and Alyssa are fighting outside the ice rink. I don’t understand why people can get so mad about things that people did in the past, BEFORE they were together. As long as they’re not fucking other people during their time with you… then it shouldn’t matter.

• Yay! It’s Jay and Silent Bob!
Jay & Bob

• Wow, okay… a threesome is going to bring everyone together in the emotional way he thinks it will?

• Along with Jay and Silent Bob’s appearance, I have to say that this is my favorite moment… when Holden kisses Banky.

• Banky Edwards is the name. But I still plan on tweeting Kevin Smith and asking if that’s on his birth certificate.

• IT’S OVER! Time for a smoke!


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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