Movie Thoughts – “God Bless America”

2011 – Starring Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr and Mackenzie Brooke


You can find this movie on Netflix.


Here we go!…

• Another movie Dave suggested. Better not have any zombies!

• So this guy hates his neighbors. What kid of apartment complex does he live in where he can hear THAT CLEARLY what the other people are saying?

• You’re kidding me! WTF? Oh, thank goodness.

• Eww! I would NEVER watch “Tuff Girls” after a tampon attack!

• LOL. Hitler Obama!

• It’s nice to see that “American Superstarz” has just as good of talent as “American Idol”.

• As I sit here and watch this man’s reaction to switching the channel to “American Murder”. I can’t help but think of Dave. I envision him doing the same thing. Just sitting there, with a slight smile on his face, in the dark, thinking about who he’d like to kill.

• A surgery of who boys and girls want to be, with Kim Kardashian and any of the guys on Jersey Shore as their answers? Thank the Monkey God that this is just a movie. If those statistic were true… shoot me.

• When a gun wont do, do what most people do! Aim the stapler and shoot away!!

• Time to go out for a smoke and see if Beans wants to come in.

• Okay, I’m back in. Let’s continue on with the movie.

• Listening to Frank ramble is like listening to Dave. So incredibly amusing!

• And his eyes are red. Is he high? Hmm… Dave, did you write this movie?

• Oh my goodness it’s MCD playing a security guard!

• The bratty girl on the Happy Birthday Sweet 16 show, and Frank’s daughter… they make me want to never have kids.

• Kill Twi-Hards? Girl, you’re about to get bitch-slapped!

• Dave, I hope that you one day find yourself someone like this girl. Hopefully she’ll be of a legal age though. LOL

• “So we’re platonic spree killers? Because you think I’m ugly?” I love whoever wrote this movie.

• The killing at the movie theater is just like Duck Hunt. I sure do miss the old Nintendo.

• While they drive to kill the political douchebag, the music reminds me of The Office theme song.

• How did Frank find this weapons guy? Was he in the phone book?

• I would watch “American Idol” if it had such events like “American Superstarz”. Well, I’d watch the live show. LOL

All in all, I liked this movie. It made me laugh a lot. Is it because I have a twisted mentality? Possibly.
I would definitely recommend it to some of my friends!


About Tammie

I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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