Movie Thoughts – “Night of the Comet”

1984 – Starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney and Robert Beltran


You can find this movie on Netflix.


Recommended by my friend Dave.

Here we go!…

• Yay! It’s on Netflix! It will be better quality. If 80’s movies can be better quality that is.

• Starting it in the kitchen while my noodles cook. Good way to start the morning. Noodles and a cheesy movie!

• Everyone is celebrating the comet. How special.

• That’s a snazzy pair of shoes you got on there.

• had to stop it for a few minutes to get my food ready. Noodles, check! Ass on bed, check! Movie, unpausing now!

• LOL – I thought he said “fleshlight”, not “flashlight”. If it were a fleshlight, this may be a whole new movie!

• LMFAO! Cat fight!

• Oh look at those SUPERB graphics!

• Uh oh, everyone’s gone!

• Did everyone turn into red dirt? If so, then why wasn’t there red dirt near the other clothes being shown on the streets?

• Well, next time a comet comes around, I’m going to have to make sure I’m too busy having sex to watch it. At least I’ll live through the tragedy. Unless the sex is bad, then I’ll probably regret that I wasn’t outside.

• WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! Son of a bitch Dave! If you’ve got me watching a zombie movie, I’m gonna kick your ass! I hate zombies! They freak me out!

• Ha ha ha! She’s locked out now.

• What the fuck?! What the fuck?! What the fuck?! That’s a zombie. I hate you Dave!

• Oh the dog is dead too. That’s sad.

• It’s Saturday morning – the kids are inside watching cartoons. At least in the 80’s they could. There were good cartoons then.

• Why is that girl wearing the dog leash around her neck?

• Zombies… grr. I hate you Dave.

• I just noticed that the chick changed her shirt.

• I gotta go do the dishes. God damned son of a bitch Dave’s got me watching zombies.

• Okay, dishes done. Time to get back to this disaster and cursing Dave. I’ve noticed there’s an hour and 4 minutes left. Hopefully there wont be any more zombies in that time frame.

• Eww… if she eats that gum off the microphone, I’m gonna lose my noodles.

• LOL – It sounds like this lady wants to just start the human race over with those guys on her own.

• Cops? Really?

• Eww! I hate you Dave! Eww!

• Hey, I just noticed that my neighbors are having their garage sale again. And they don’t even have a garage.

• What is this chick doing naked in the bathroom? LOL – That zombie looked like a bad throwback from “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

• I really want to watch “Phantom of the Mall”. I wonder if that’s on YouTube as well.

• Ah! The blonde is gonna become a zombie!

• Didn’t I hear something about one of those chicks recently?

• Hector, I don’t think your family made it.

• Son of a bitch, I don’t like that sound. I hope it’s an angry gremlin and not a zombie!

• Nope, it’s a little boy zombie. Dammit Dave!

• The scientist woman is a real douche. And not in a cleansing way.

• The end of the world = rashes

• I wonder if I would get upset if I woke up and most of the population was gone?

• This “bad guy” Willy, is he TRYING to act bad? Or does it just come natural?

• Oh look! Eminem is in the movie! LOL

• Is this Willy feller a zombie? Eminem didn’t look like one.

• Ooh! Are they gonna kill the blonde with the big hair? I swear her hair is bigger than her whole body.

• Yep, she’s dead.

• Ooh! Oscar’s dead.

• Is this movie almost over? Little less than a half hour.

• Hey! Sant lived through the comet!

• Oh hell, it’s only Hector. Does this mean there’s no Santa Claus? Say it ain’t so!

• She’s gonna commit suicide.

• I’m a Cancer too! When’s your birthday?

• They’re gonna kill kids! Those fuckers.

• She busts a keyboard over some guy’s head, and I start singing “Bust the windows out your car.”

• LMFAO! Hector is a Texan now!

• What the hell is going on? Is blondie a zombie now and Hector is transporting her around? No no no Hector. You need to be killing her!

• *yawn*. I gotta pee.

• Ahh, I feel better now.

• This is how the older sister dresses…

• And this is how the younger sister dresses (and on a streetcorner)…

• Well, I guess dressing like a hootch works. She got picked up.

• Oh a bit of a chuckle. DMK is now known.

• Okay, it’s over. No more zombies. No more cursing at Dave. Emile is cooking something in the kitchen and it smells good.

• I only rated this 1 star. Because I loathe zombies. LOL


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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