Movie Thoughts – “Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge”

1989 – Starring Derek Rydall, Jonathan Goldsmith and Rob Estes

POTM Erics Revenge

You can find this movie on YouTube.

Here we go!

• Is this movie starting from the beginning? Oh well, can’t be choosey, it’s the only place I can find it.

• I saw this movie once a hell of a long time ago. But I never forgot it.

• Yep, I guess it is the beginning.

• Pauly Shore! That’s probably why I remembered it! LOL

• Ooh! I just thought… I can probably find “The Blair Witch Project” here on YouTube.

• Morgan Fairchild is the mayor, and she has a HUGE flower on her shirt!

• Look at these movies on the sidebar that look horrible! I may have to watch one sometime! LOL

• Oh look, there’s Pauly.

• Rob Estes, you look like a stalker.

• That there must be the Phantom.

• I need to clean out my ears.

• Supersonic hearing. Glorious.

• He he he he he he he he he he he he! I laughed my way through the fan murder.

• Boobs.

• He he he – “Strange knocking in the G section” – that doesn’t sound like a BAD thing!

• Oh! I just noticed that they have the regular player, a big player, and a full screen. I’m gonna use the big player!

• Seriously, how can you notice someone touching your shoulder when your shoulder pad is larger than your head?

• Well well now… dead man on the desk.

• Surprise presents in the car!

• LOL – It looks like she just hugged her attacker.

• Dinner’s ready! Gotta hit pause and get some chow!

• Food! Chicken, mashed potatoes and cream of broccoli soup!

• Now… back to the show.

• Ooooo…. sexuals. I don’t know if I can watch this. I already watched some porn this morning.

• The mall owner’s son seems like a real toolbox.

• A little music starts playing for some phantom stalking, aka him watching video cameras, and the ice cream truck shows up in front of my house. Um hello – I don’t want THAT soundtrack to the movie!

• Subliminal messages. No wonder I kept thinking about this movie all these years. I was told subliminally NOT to forget it!

• Nothing says suspicious like eyeing someone and then running.

• LOL – Dude jumped on the elevator.

• The piano player has a limp. Could HE be the attacker? Possibly!

• God this chicken is good!

• Yep! Piano man is the attacker.

• A snake bit your peepee sir!

• Mall son is a douchebag. And his nose is too big.

• Well, he’s a little bit dead now.

• He gave me orchids, he played our song… And then we FUCKED!!!

• Chicken! Chicken in ma belleee!

• Ooh. The plot thickens.

• Who is this dude? His real name. I think I’ve seen him in something else before.
Cop 2

• It’s REALLY convenient that the bad guy was parked a few spaces by those kids.

• Pedestrians!

• Phantom on the car!
Car Ride

• Really? The graveyard is giving you the creeps?

• OMG! You’re shittin’ me! No body in the coffin?! I’m shocked beyond belief!
Empty Coffin

• This cream of broccoli soup is a bit thick.

• Wait! I know where the body is! The guy’s name is Eric Matthews. He was on “Boy Meets World”!

• Oh look, more sexuals. With 2 guys! Now 3 guys! He he he – no WONDER I remembered this movie!

• Smoking in the restaurant.

• Did you know that when you suffer major burns in a house fire, that you get super-strength and can do a bunch of karate moves? Yep, it’s true!

• That man has no more head.

• Eric is a heavy breather. It’s rather annoying.

• And this is the face of the phantom.

• No no… THIS must have been the reason I remembered the movie!
Sexy Pauly

• Bomb!

• Dead people and rats.

• Hey, it’s the snake again. Watch your penis!

• You love him… in what little time you’ve known him? When moments ago you were saying how you love Eric? No wonder men think we’re crazy.

• Hey, when all else fails… time to choke a bitch. And that bitch seems to be Morgan Fairchild at the moment.
Morgan Fairchild

• Seeing a man be burned alive makes me wanna watch “Nightmare on Elm Street”!
Man on Fire

• LOL – And here comes Pauly Shore to the rescue on a Goldwing.

• Oops! The mall is broken. Guess ya’ll are out of jobs.

• Movie is over. It wasn’t horrible.

• Oh goodness! Think this guy got made fun of a lot in school?
Dick H

• “Is he the phantom of the mall? Or just some just a retard in a broken hockey mask?” – I was just listening to the song in the ending credits, and those were a couple lines from it.

• Tis completely over.


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