Movie Thoughts – “Stay Cool”

2009 – Starring Winona Ryder, Mark Polish and Sean Astin

Stay Cool

You can find this movie on Netflix.


Here we go!…

• So, I’m going with a comedy this morning due to the fact that I’m also eating some noodles. And I need to wake myself up.

• Is that Jack from “Lost”?

• Is Sean Astin playing a homosexual stuck in the 80’s?

• A “Lost Boys” poster!!! Love it!!

• Who does that to their car?

• That was an awkward phone call.

• Okay, so it’s Jack from “Lost”. What exactly is he supposed to be?

• Crisis alarm? Do they have those now?

• Finished my noodles, gotta go do the dishes.

• Okay, back.

• Lauren Landers? I thought her name was Shawni something. Or is this a different person he’s talking about? Or is it really her, but he’s using a fake name?

• This dad is freaking me out.

• Ah, Jack is a tattoo artist. I’m sure he has an actual name in the movie, and they’ve probably said it… but I will just continue to call him Jack.

• Why doesn’t this guy park in the driveway?

• LOL – Are you gonna let her in?

• Winona Ryder has a decent nose.

• I hope we find out what the deal is with the principal’s nose.

• Sean Astin is such a cute little gay man!

• Who is doing the narrating? It sounds like a cross between Sean Astin and Richard Dryfuss.

• Hey! It’s the jew from Glee! I love him!

• Yeah, I don’t see my ever going back to my old school and hooking up with someone I had a crush on.

• Car chase!

• Ah… Lauren is really Stephanie… or Shawnie… or Sally. What the hell is that chick’s name?

• Eww! He wears crocs! Bad gay Sean! Bad!

• I don’t remember being excited about my prom.

• LMFAO! “Shasta, how does it feel going out with a pedophile?”

• Did these types of parties actually happen in high school?

• Scarlett! That’s what her name is!

• Hey, I have the same laptop!

• Is this movie almost over? It’s decent, but I’m getting antsy and need to go run errands.

• I really don’t remember much about high school – all 4 of them I went to.

• LOL – I always chuckle when people break out into song in the middle of a restaurant.

• Is “Lionel” Lionel Ritchie?

• LMFAO! Brian Austin green was the narrator!!! I feel like a douche! LOL

• Well, it wasn’t too bad a flick. I’d watch it again on a lazy Sunday afternoon if nothing else was on.


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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