Movie Thoughts – “The Gravedancers”

2006- Starring Dominic Purcell, Clare Kramer and Josie Maran


You can find this movie on Netflix. And also in my personal DVD collection.


Here we go!…

• Got my milk, I’m ready. Mum is making chicken tenders. I hope she’s made some for me.

• I saw this at the movie theater with my friend Genna. It was decent… until the end. Let’s see if I still think this way.

• Bert and Ernie sheets? Is this a kid’s room?

• Ah, Dominic Purcell’s name in the opening credits. I remember when just the thought of his name (and Wentworth Miller’s) could make my naughty bits moist. Well, my naught bits are moist now… but that’s because I just took a bath.

• I’m dying here. I can barely hear the movie over the TV in the front room! I need my earphones! This is ridiculous!

• Put my headphones on. Oh wow! Much better!

• And here comes the beginning of the stupid in horror movies… “Let’s go to the graveyard… at night… and have a few drinks.” I can’t really say much about that. Well, I’ve never done that specifically… but I have gone to a cemetery… at night… and got high. LOL.

• This movie goes to prove why you should never read a dead man’s mail.

• I just got to wondering why there was a woman who died at the beginning of this. What was the point of that?

• Yay! I got some chicken! Glorious! Okay, time to get on with the flick.

• Dominic, your wife is paranoid!

• Oh dear… I just got that old feeling back. Dominic in a flannel shirt did it. Oh my!

• Little kitty froo froo I want to pet you.

• I wonder if anyone is going to be looking me up when i’ve been dead for 100 or so years?

• Yeah man, get it right… “Ax murdering piano teacher”

• No you stupid-heads, it’s not over. There’s still 35 minutes left to go.

• Told you.

• Yep… cause that’s the kind of sexy bastard you want to tie you up! Forget Christian Grey! Let’s get it on with Langer!!!

• I’m going to finish later. I want t a cigarette. LOL

• Just came in… I think I’ll finish it tomorrow.

• (Next day) – Here we go again!

• I’ve actually had a few dreams where I’m being thrown around by an invisible force.

• Oh Dominic, that seemed like a delayed reaction to your friend’s throat being slashed.

• OMG! Really?! The ghosts wont let you out of the house?! This is NOT the typical ghost movie! (Yes, that was sarcasm)

• Culpepper… you’s a STUPID bitch!

• They should offer up Culpepper as a sacrifice.

• Blood all over the carpet. That’s a nasty mess.

• I love Sal’s acting. He’s an awesome wuss.

• Cat fight!

• Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Death.

• Some people have really ugly kids.

• I don’t think that’s really a little boy.

• I’m very distracted by the Cheerwine vending machine.

• LOL – Dominic, are you helping your wife out of the window, or masturbating?

• I just realized that I haven’t been calling Dominic by his character’s name. Eh… probably because I don’t care.

• Hey wait… isn’t your wife supposed to have that skull?

• Oh here it comes! The beginning of the REALLY horrible computer generated graphics! This is what makes a relatively decent movie into a sham.

• It’s over! I still have the same feelings toward it. It’s decent… except the hokey ending scene.


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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