Movie Thoughts – “Wavelength”

1983 – Starring Robert Carradine, Cherie Currie and Keenan Wynn


You can find this on YouTube.

This movie was suggested to me by my friend Dace. He wrote, “Cheezy movie from the 80’s for ya”. So I HAD to watch it and write my thoughts!

Here we go!…

• Okay, let’s see what Dave has gotten me into.

• Sounds like whales.

• Oh, you know it’s good when the music is composed and performed by TANGERINE DREAM!
Tangerine Dream

• Where is everybody?

• Puppy!!!

• Oh look! A person!

• Hey! It’s one of the nerds from “Revenge of the Nerds”! I thought his name looked familiar in the credits!

• A chick is narrating? Are we going to learn who she is?

• LOL – I thought that guy was Tommy Lee Jones for a minute.

• Well now, that was stupid. Why ruin your own equipment? Bang someone else’s guitar.

• Hey, is that the chick from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Erff… The Runaways, not JJ&TB. It is!

• Hey! She’s the narrator!

• Frank is having some issues.

• I miss playing the guitar. And I miss playing the trumpet.

• Are those children in those container things?

• Oh of course there has to be nakedness in here. What rating is this?

• Ha! She thinks it’s whales too!

• Plants need to be watered? Not if they’re fake! Unless they didn’t have fake plants in 1983. I was only 7, so I hardly think I was paying attention to things like plants.

• Old man Dan hears the whales too!

• Is this supposed to be scary? No, probably just one of those suspense movies.

• “Do not open case”. LOL – So he opens it. I totally would too!

• Check for the little whale children. That’s what I’m going to call them. I’m convinced that the children in those canister things were found at sea by scientists. They had been orphans once and ended up being raised by whales, so they only know how to speak whale. Now scientists are fucking with their systems because that’s what scientists do to beings they can’t understand.

• Hey, there are other people there! Maybe it wasn’t a fake plant!

• Does the kid have 2 hearts? Because he could be a young Doctor Who!

•  He he he! I can see your microphone dangling! (Look at the top left side)
Hanging Mic

• Well that doc at least has the sense to question things.

• Oh poor Frank! Maybe Dan will take care of him.

• This could be an alien movie!

• Yep! It’s an alien movie.

• I need to take my bra off. It’s bugging me. Not that my bra has anything to do with this movie.

• Well, don’t you know the actress’s history? Of course her mind is in a meditative state… she used to do a hell of a lot of drugs.

• Ooh! She could be an alien too!

• I wish I was an alien. Then the mothership could come take my away from this hellhole called Earth.

• They just need a little Vitamin D to get better.

• Movie time with the military!

• Yep, this is an old movie… there’s a dude smoking in the conference room!

• OMG, this creepy looking man!

Creepy Man  I wish I could get a bigger picture of him!

• That alien just woke up!

• Oh bummer, the guy with the biggest brain is dead, or dying.

• Have they been feeding these two? How long have they been down there for? I’m so lost about the time frame.

• Stop yelling at Bobby. I’d be asking the same questions. He can’t read your mind. i don’t know what’s going on either!

• Are they going to kill Bobby, Iris and the alien children?

• Ooh! Shit just got real! Bobby opened the freezers!

• I hope those children have underwear on! Nope, their naked. Give them some clothes!

• Better hope the elevator don’t fall on you!

• How typical, they have those Delta, Gamma and Beta names. I would rename them. They are now Jamal, Isaac and Georgio.

• Why kill them? Frikkin no-good government.

• Dammit! Why hasn’t anyone gotten those kids some clothes yet?

• Those kids also need a hamburger.

• Oof, my eyelids are getting heavy. Only about a half hour left.

• Finally! Someone’s brought clothes! No more naken children!!

• I bet those children are going to help Bobby. Because that’s the proper thing to do.

• Where are those children’s clothes?! Dammit Jamal, Isaac and Georgio, why did you take off your clothes?!

• Are their penis’ glowing in the sun?!

• Yay, they have their clothes on again!

• Okay, so the aliens just use their mouths for sex. That’s creepy. Not the idea, but the fact that they are talking about it in front of children!

• Creepy children watching sex!

• “May the force be with you”. LOL.

• I gotta pee.

• Okay, back.

• That looks like a background you can find for a computer.

• It makes me wanna watch “Solarbabies”!

• It’s all over. Well now, Dave was right. It was a cheesy 80’s movie. 🙂 THANKS DAVE!!


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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