Movie Thoughts – “Episode 50”

2011 – Starring Josh Folan, Chris Perry and Natalie Wetta

Episode 50

You can find this movie on Netflix.


Here we go!…

• LMFAO! I just realized this morning that I had already started watching “Episode 50” not too long ago. The only reason i remember it is because it started where I left off. LOL – 3 1/2 minutes into it! I stopped because I thought it was stupid.

But I shall give it a go today. And make my comments…

• Started from the beginning again. Ugh! It’s hard to hear it, even with my volume all the way up on Netflix and my laptop.

• I can’t stand the fact I can barely hear this. Oh wait! Maybe if I put my earphones on. Hmm… I’ll try that.

• Yes, the earphones are working.

• Someone please tell me why this black man is in this? Doesn’t he know that the black guy always dies first in horror movies? LOL! (If you happen to be reading this and DO NOT know me, please note that I am NOT racist. I have quite a few black friends. And they know that this was not written as a hateful thing.) (Oh, and if you watched the movie from the first Movie Thoughts entry, then you would also understand why this is funny.)

• Those investigators are super mean!

• When they were meeting with the guy who owns the asylum… there were parts where it showed the two guys listening, and I couldn’t help but think they were both thinking, “When is this guy talking going to start acting decent?”

• It’s funny how the experts and doctors are all young.

• This praise the lord ASSC guy is the nest actor on here that I’ve seen so far! It’s 22 minutes in!

• Is the tech thug in the PI team gay?

• I had a dream last night that was like a horror movie and was ghostly. It was much better than this… and it lasted on ly a couple minutes. LOL

• The Scottish guy kinda looks like one of the guys in the wings of “Britain’s Got Talent”.

• I have to shave.

• Just shaved, and chased Satan around the house for a moment. Time to begin the movie again. (Please note that Satan is what I call my parent’s cat – I do not in fact have THE Satan in my house to chase.

• Was the gay thug one of the guys on Jersey Shore? I never watched that show… but I’ve seen pictures.

• It’s surprisingly refreshing there hasn’t been any unneeded sex in this movie.

• I sure do hope the Scottish guy makes it out alive.

• I’m getting tired. 28 minutes left. I can do this. LOL

• My ears itch. I think I have to do the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment when my mum wakes up. It’s in her bathroom.

• Holy shit! I don’t think this guy Jack has any meat on his leg bones! Here, I took a snapshot. Check out his legs.
Jack Legs

• At least there are better main actors in this movie than in the other one.

• Oh that demon is incredibly corny!

• Damn, the cute Jesus freak is dying.

• OMG. It’s over. I’m so glad. i’m gonna try to nap for an hour.


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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