My Thoughts on Glee this season

If you don’t watch Glee, or just don’t care, you can just skip over this post. 🙂


I’ve still got a few episodes of Glee on my DVR, so I thought I would put them on again as I worked on my blog. Which in turn made me decide to write this post about my thoughts about this season.

We are now in season 4. I knew I may have to give it a few episodes to get used to the new characters. It’s hard to let go of the others, but just like high school, you gotta let them go for the most part.

So, here is what I’ve thought so far…

• Brittany used to have some great dance moves. Now they seem to have her dancing like a 3 year old having an epileptic seizure.

• Sam has always been “dumb”. But this season they’ve made him incredibly moronic. Why?!

• Near the beginning I thought it was only going to be the Brittany show. I like Brittany… but really? That was WAY too much of her. What happened to giving us some better intros to the new people? Luckily they have been getting better with that and we have good backgrounds on the newbies.

• I’m not liking Rachel in NY. The songs she has done have made me turn away with an uncomfortable silence. The only thing that would make her story-line better would be if she became a slutty crackwhore. Well, she’s already becoming slutty, even if it’s only with that one dude. Is his name Riley? Crap, I’m watching it right now. Maybe they’ll mention his name again. Anywho… now she just needs a drug problem. A heavy one at that. I wanna see that bitch writhing on the floor sucking cock to get another bump of some drug. But from the previews of the next episode (4×15), we may see her life switch in a different way. If it’s what it looks like on the previews… then I’m all for it. She wont need the drugs if that happens.

• The only good thing I enjoy about the NY scenes now is Kurt. Oh, and now that Santana lives with them, I think things should get more interesting.

• I’m super happy that Finn is now co-choir teacher. I love Mr. Shue, but I’m glad Finn has this opportunity to be the leader he is.

• I love when the old cast members come back for appearances.

• I’m a bit disappointed in the music choices this season. I think I’ve liked 1/3 of the music choices.

• Speaking of the songs… my friend Christopher is obsessed with the Kiki song from the Thanksgiving episode. I have watched that song more than I’d like to admit, but mostly because I don’t get it. But the tune is damn catchy.

• I love how creepily stalkerish Tina is this season! It makes me laugh so much. But that’s probably just because I’m creepy. I’d never get as bad as her… but oh my gosh it’s just funny.

• I really want Unique to find some love this season.

• I was happy to see Ali from the Glee Project 2 appear during the wedding episode. She does “bitch” really well. I hope she has a couple more appearances.

• Oh! The guy’s name is Brody. Not Riley.

So… those were my thoughts so far. Yes, yes they were.


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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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