FSOG and Football

Since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, there has been another backlash of Fifty Shades hating going on. And I’ve noticed a handful of my fellow Fifty fans are being lashed out at. It really makes me disheartened.

Let me state before I go any further, that I’m all for people being able to voice their opinions, no matter what they are about. But I don’t look to fondly at those who will attack another because of their love for something they personally do not like. That’s just rude. Healthy debate is fine. But attacks are not.

With that said, I’m going to voice my opinion about some of the issues that some/most haters have mentioned. And I’m going to use football as a counter-example for some things. Please note that this is NOT an attack on people who like football. I’m just using it because football is considered “socially acceptable”. You’ll understand as you read on.

So, here we go…

Physical Abuse:
FSOG: All acts done to Ana are done with her consent. And sometimes with her literally asking for it. She never once was flogged, spanked, etc, to an extent that would put her in the hospital or leaving her with internal injuries of some kind.
FOOTBALL: All acts done are done with each player’s consent. It’s a physical game – don’t get into it if you don’t want to get knocked over. Men run after each other, knocking each other over and tackling each other. There are times where sprains, fractures, and even hopitalizations occur.

Over-the-top Fans:
FSOG: Yep, we can get giddy and excited when the newest book was released, or when the movie came out. And we will continue to do so as the next movies come out. We will try to get autographs from the actors and/or E.L. James. We will buy the books, wear FSOG themed clothing items and/or accessories, buy posters, buy magazines, buy FSOG related items such as red room keychains, etc.
FOOTBALL: Fans get excited and loud when they get to see the games in the stadiums or even on TV. They’ll continue to do so in the future as well, no doubt. They collect autographs of their favorite players and/or coaches. They wear their favorite team’s jersey, buy posters, magazines, watch ESPN, buy team related items like keychains, etc.

BOTH FSOG and FOOTBALL: Contracts are signed by all willing participants. Negotiations made. One is just done regarding sex, and the other is for the sport. All participants are willing to take any risks and/or challenges brought into their path once the contract is signed.
Okay, Ana never actually signed the contract. But they did look it over and negotiate.

These next few I can’t use the football counter-example with…

Not true to the BDSM lifestyle:
A friend and I recently had this conversation because she was on the receiving end of some FSOG hater’s rant.

The BDSM in FSOG is pretty much, in my opinion, an allegory to move the story along. Plus, who is to say what is 100% true to the lifestyle? As I understand it, sure, there are some basic rules that apply to all in the lifestyle. But everyone has their own individual kink. What works for some, may not work for others. It’s all boiled down to preference.

It’s not real:
Okay, for real. The fans KNOW it’s not real. It’s a work of fiction, plain and simple. We are aware of that. To sum up what the ladies on Episode #54 of the Laters, Baby podcast said – it’s pretty insulting that the haters would think we can’t differentiate between real life and fantasy when it comes to FSOG.

It’s porn:
How is this exactly porn? Is it because there’s sex in it? I can only assume that those haters who say that FSOG is porn, are possibly virgins. Or prudes. It’s okay if you’re either one of those. Perhaps you have your reasons to be that way. But I can honestly confirm that FSOG is not porn. I’ve watched porn – both soft and hardcore. I OWN porn – both soft and hardcore.
FSOG, dear haters, is not porn.

So, with all that said, I think I’ll add my final two cents…

It’s okay if you hate the books and/or movie, just lay off those of us who love the FSOG world.



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I was born in the north, but now live in the south. I love movies, reading and writing.
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  2. Well said, and I’ve seen porn myself, it doesn’t look like Fifty Shades of Grey!


  3. KereCB says:

    Reblogged this on Kerecb's Blog and commented:
    Well said! And I’m a FSOF lover and also a Football lover…


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