My name is Tammie and I live in Florida.

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What you will find in this blog, are just my thoughts on various things. Things like movies I’ve watched, articles I’ve read, or perhaps just my thoughts on other random things that suit my fancy.

Sadly, I only have bursts of times where I decide to update my blog. Even though I’m always thinking of something to write for it.


MOVIE THOUGHTS – The history behind what you will find in this category, is that one day, a friend of mine told me about a movie she had watched that really disappointed her. So she told me to watch it and let her know what I thought of it. So… I sat down and watched it. Figured I’d just tell her what was going through my head WHILE I watched it too! So birthed the very first “Tammie’s Movie Thoughts”. Please note that there ARE spoilers. Also, the first 11 on here were taken from my old blog. They weren’t all written on the same day like it will show. 🙂
If there is a movie you would like me to watch and give my thoughts on, feel free to let me know!
*This category contains adult language.

UNCATEGORIZED – Things that don’t fit a specific category I’ve made.
*This category will probably contain some adult language.

TARD THE GRUMPY CAT – This is just full of pictures of Tard the Grumpy Cat. I think she’s great! You can see all these pics and more at Tard’s Facebook page: Tard’s FB Page
*This category is good for most audiences.

MY FAVORITE FACEBOOK PAGES –  I think this is pretty self explanatory. This is a list of my favorite Facebook pages or those I find noteworthy.

CHRIS AND JONNY’S LOL FACTORY – My friends Chris and Jonny have a  podcast out  called “Chris and Jonny’s LOL Factory”. It’s SUPER FUNNY and I am their Super Mega-Fan! I copied the About section of their Facebook page to give you an idea of what they are about…
“A Hilarious though sometimes raunchy/adult oriented, interactive radio program, aired on ipmNation.com. Two strangers who met online, and became fast friends, who will forever furiously debate the differences between America and England. English Muffins or Crumpets? President or Royalty? Bangers or Sausage? It goes on an on…”
Chris and Jonny have gone onto LIVE internet TV! Find them Monday nights at 8pm EDT on QCENews.com.
*This category contains adult language.


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